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Stan Louie  

Dr. Stan Louie is a clinical and translational pharmacologist with over two decades of clinical and drug development experience. Dr. Louie has focused on understanding inflammation and the development of drugs against these chronic-debilitating diseases.

Misa Chien
Entrepreneur and Public Speaker

While attending UCLA, Misa caught her big break and signed with LA Models as one of their top models, becoming the Asian face for companies from Target to L’Oreal. During this time, Misa knew she wanted to take her career a step beyond modeling, and founded a Vietnamese Food Truck, Nom Nom Truck, right out of college.

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Tyler Chen  
PhD in Bioengineering

 Tyler aspires to improve the quality of human life by building technologies to tackle genetic disease and disability. He has designed microfluidic devices for single-cell genomics at UC Berkeley’s Streets Lab, iGenomX and Illumina. Tyler also co-founded and led Berkeley Hyperloop to design and build one of the first prototype vehicles for the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. 

Steven Huang .jpg
Steve Huang
DDS, Mayor of San Marino

Steven Huang is a successful dentist, Mayor of the city and a proud San Marino resident, raising his whole family in the city. As a small business owner, he knows what it takes to create jobs, make payroll, and battle government red tape. He is running for re-election as a concerned citizen and family man looking to give back to my hometown.

Dankai Liu.jpeg
Dankai Liu
Flight System Manager

Dankai has served numerous critical positions for JPL Flight Projects including that of Deputy Flight System Manager and Deputy Chief engineer for NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), Flight System Manager for Mars Telecom Orbiter, Assistant Division Manager for Flight Projects of the Avionic Systems and Technology Division, Flight System Manager for the GALEX Project, Avionics Manager for Deep Space One Mission, and the Attitude Control System Lead for the Mars Pathfinder Mission.

Stephanie Spruill .jpg
Stephanie Spruill
Actress & Musician

Stephanie Spruill represents excellence in music recording, performance, composition and education in a profound plethora of ways. She then opened her own Spruill House Music School and authored the instructional book and companion CD “Stephanie Spruill’s 17 Points to Longevity in Show Business” – with the emphasis on business.

Nada Nasserdeen .png
Nada Nasserdeen
Founder of Rise Up For You

Rise Up For You fosters personal and professional growth amongst individuals and companies. She is an Executive Leadership and Career Confidence Coach, Post-Secondary Educator, and Motivational Speaker. Nada believes that in order to create change in our communities, companies, and households, we must first create change within ourselves.

melody yashar.png
Melody Yashar
Designer, Technologist, and Researcher

Melody's work operates at the intersection of experiential, narrative, and interaction design practices. She prides herself in being a conceptual designer capable of developing a project from its schematic phases to final realization and execution. With an interdisciplinary background, she appreciates those who see research and design as a confluence of different fields—allowing problem solving to become a more thoroughly collaborative exercise. 

Yang Zhang
Founder of Mercury Orbit Music

Zhang Yang (also known as Yang Zhang 张旸) is a Los Angles based film composer/EDM music producer, music publisher and entrepreneurial entertainment executive. She pursues her multi-faceted career without hesitation, identifying herself as a modern executive with unconventional vision, a creative pioneer and a global urban resident by lifestyle.

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